Check-in made easy

fácil let’s your guests check-in, check-out, access their rooms, and order all of the hotel’s services – without needing to contact the hotel reception.

Two solutions

Developed to fit the needs of every customer

Mobile App

fácil mobile app is easy to use and makes it easy to check in. Your guests can check in from wherever they want with this app.

Self Check-in

With fácil self check-in your guests can easily check in and out all by themselves. The whole process finds place at a screen in the hotel lobby.

Easy and time saving to ensure happy guests

The use of fácil mobile app or self check-in system makes the check-in process more effective. As a result your employees will have more time to serve hotel guests who wants information and personal service. The use of fácil will lead to increased revenue per operational labour unit, and give you happy guest who doesn’t need to queue in the reception.

In need for innovation

The owners of Sundvolden Hotel are constantly looking for opportunities to improve their hotel. That’s why they implemented fácil.

How can we innovate your hotel?

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