About us

About us

Fácil by Arribatec Solutions

Our ambition

Hotels give us the possibility to transport ourselves anywhere in the world in comfort. Without hotels, and the people who run them, many childhood memories and “best vacations ever” wouldn’t have been possible. We want to ensure that these businesses can continue to deliver top-class experiences long into the future by allowing technology to handle some of the mundane tasks that hotels face daily.

Who we are

Fácil was started in 2016 with the idea of making the hospitality industry a more user friendly experience. The need for smarter check in and check out experiences at hotels quickly came to the forefront of the conversions we were having. At this point we formed our mission, “We lead the way to the future of hospitality”. 

Through the formation of key relationships and by integrating with some of the biggest providers of hotel and hospitality solutions we aim to create seamless user experiences that don’t only enhance the guest experience, but also allow businesses, both large and small to thrive through the use of modern technology.

In 2020 we became a part of Arribatec, a growing technology company currently expanding its portfolio. Along with another company, we have formed Arribatec Hospitality – meaning that Fácil is now part of a larger family of products.

We are a group of passionate technologists, entrepreneurs and problem solvers that have built a culture around hotel technology.


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