Get to know fácil

A Cloud-based platform that enables the hotels to be digital—instantly. We deliver a SaaS within mobile check-in & check-out, digital key, indoor positioning, orders and much more!

Who are we?

Fácil is a Norwegian start-up, that  was founded in 2016 by two frequent travelers. They were frustrated over queuing during check-in and check-out, and they realized that hotels had been stuck in time and were in a desperate need for change. This lead to our fantastic platform that enables hotels to be digital—instantly.

We have built a product, that supports both hotels and travelers. Today, with partners such as ASSA ABLOY, Salto Systems, Techotel and more. Our app allows your guest to check-in, check-out and use mobile access at the front door. This gives your staff more time to personally care about your guest and the opportunity to sell more relevant product and services.

What makes us different?

Our founders Alexander and Andreas has been traveling to many countries and during their visits, they experienced travel hurdles that they wanted to solve with an application. Since they didn’t find the right one that could handle more than check-in and check-out, they started to develop one.

Fácil is a user-friendly app, which is compatible with both Android and IOS devices.

Besides avoiding the queuing at the reception there are a lot of other benefits such as keyless access to the rooms, ordering a cab or simply book a spa treatment through the application. It gives the feeling of comfort to the guests and makes everything easily accessible with less effort.


2 Founders

1 technical
1 within Business & Economics


1 Designer

1 full-time


9 Senior Developers

5 full-time
4 part-time


2 Marketing & Sales

1 full-time
1 intern

Meet the team

Our team represents a great blend of different specialties and backgrounds. Since the start, our company has grown rapidly and now consist of 14 employees in total. At the moment we have 9 full-time employees, 4 part-time and 1 intern. All our engineers are senior developers with international experience. They have developed over a dozen apps combined and they have all experience from large international companies.


“It is all about simplicity. Pure elegance with a little touch of awesome functionality”

Alexander W. Richter
Founder & CEO


While reducing plastic waste, you can sit back and enjoy all of fácil’s features”

Bendik Kristiansen
Design & Marketing Director


“The sound of a hotel door unlocking is the greatest reward in life”

Eóin Falconer
DevOps Engineer


“Web and mobile apps are my passion, snowboard is my guilty pleasure”

Ryszard Rzepa
Frontend Engineer

Alexander Copy 16

“See the possibilities in your dream and make it happen”

Andreas Løseth
Founder & COO


“Clean code feels so good”

Chamira Fernando
Mobile Engineer


“Writes and dreams about beautiful code”

Even Holthe
Backend Engineer


We’d like to digitize the weak key points in hotel stay, make the reception a pleasant interaction point between receptionist and guest, create a better stay for travelers and make hotel management greener by reducing the number of key cards. 

We want to stay simple, but aspiring. 

Our vision is to create seamless travel experience every day.


“We are on a mission to make hotels more efficient, modern and seamless than ever before”

We started fácil not only to change, but to revolutionize the way we stay at hotels. fácil eliminates travel hurdles, giving hotel staff more time to personally care about their guests.


fácil is all about simplicity. We would like to provide assistance with an easy to understand app, which is at the same time very useful and makes everyones’ life trouble-free.

We love innovation. That’s why we founded fácil and are continuing our path on this way. We encourage all of our coworkers to be creative and bold regarding new suggestions. “There is no such thing as a bad idea.”

We are very passionate for what we do and we believe that brings happiness to the company. A workplace like that leads to more productive employees, fewer workplace problems, and a higher quality of work. We’d like to keep our coworkers happy and engaged to the company.