Facil launches at Fredriksten Hotel

The long awaited launch of the Facil-app has finally come, and in this occasion, Fredriksten Hotel in Halden, Norway, is the very first hotel to put the Facil-app into action and engage their guests in this new digital way of checking in at hotels.
Fácil launch app SaaS Fredriksten Halden Hotel Alexander Weiss Richter sustainability environmental friendly Marianne Olsen
Photographer: Mari Kristine Buckholm

After months of preparation and negotiations, we in the Facil-team are eager to see how both the hoteliers and end-users get on with the app. Hopefully it’ll be a great success, as well as an innovative breakthrough that will take hotel’s service level to the next generation.

Hotel Fredriksten lays within beautiful surroundings on the historical Fredriksten fortress in Halden. This hotel acknowledges that hotels progressively seek to become more digital and more prepared for the future generations. Fredriksten are super excited to become the first official customer of facil, and they look forward to welcome their new guests on the platform.

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