The world’s first holographic check-in experience for hotel guests

Become the first hotel in the world to offer your guests a touchless check-in experience through the use of holographic screens.
Holographic check-in screen

– The use of holographic screens is a key focus area for us due to the growing importance of preventing the spread of infection in society, says Alexander W. Richter, Managing Director of Arribatec Hospitality.

Revolutionise check-in and check-out

A holographic screen creates the illusion of a screen floating in the air. The screen has sensors that register where you press and therefore makes it possible to navigate as you would do on a regular touchscreen.

See how the genius holographic screen works in the video below.

– This new technology revolutionises how we can check-in and out of hotels, enabling a 100%
touchless experience, Richter explains.

The holographic screens are delivered by the experienced Holo Industries.

Read about the exclusive distribution agreement between Arribatec and Holo Industries here.

Preventing the spread of infection at hotels

Holographic screens and a truly touchless experience can play an essential role in preventing the spread of infection and enabling hotels to welcome guests again.

– Whether we are in the middle of a pandemic or not, we believe that humans will pay increased attention to the care given to preventing the spread of infection in the future. We will be more sceptical towards touching objects in public spaces and generally more concerned with personal safety. At Arribatec, we consider it our social responsibility to offer the newest and most advanced solutions on the market to meet society’s changing demands, says Richter.

A little piece of the future

Does your hotel want to be the first one to offer touchless check-in/check-out solutions to its customers? Arribatec Hospitality welcomes customers who are looking to be at the forefront of modern technology.

– We are ready to deliver a holographic check-in. As soon as we get in touch with hotels that are eager to put the product out there to their guests, we will be there, Richter assures.