Gabi is excited to take part in improving the user experience at hotels all over the world

Our new Full Stack JS Developer Gabija Kuodytė, also called Gabi, is a passionate traveler who is eager to improve the user experience in the hospitality industry.
Full Stack JS Developer Gabija Kuodytė

Her first workday at fácil was 6th of April, and we are happy to have her at our team.

“I am really looking forward to being part of fácil and the team that is creating better solutions for the hotel guests,” Gabi says.

Love brought her to Norway

Gabi studied Computer Science at the Newcastle University in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. After her studies, the enthusiastic developer worked as a Software Engineer in the UK. Eventually, love brought the Lithuanian girl to Norway and the exciting work opportunities at fácil.

“I am a keen traveller myself and have used many different reception solutions. I must admit that I am not impressed by what is available in the market currently. By working at fácil I aim to improve existing products and be part of creating a more pleasant and streamlined hospitality experience for the hotel guests.”

Gabija Kuodytė

“Additionally, I am grateful for the opportunity to work for a local company which allows me to integrate with society easier by being exposed to the Norwegian language and culture,” she says.

Big changes in the hospitality industry

The newly employed Full Stack JS Developer is convinced that fácil can offer a much better experience for both hotel guests and employees. She is looking forward to developing both hardware and software at the fácil solution.

“There are so many exciting opportunities in the hospitality industry. At fácil I am looking forward to working on the physical solution, ensuring that it is understandable, efficient and considerate of every user. I am also thrilled to develop the software and help create a solid and trustworthy product that will help guests and hoteliers solve both unexpected and unavoidable problems. Our longterm aim is to offer more services aside from check in and check out,” Gabi explains.

Current hospitality landscape presents several challenges and opportunities for innovation and better user experience. Fácil’s new developer predicts that following the emergence of new technologies, data boom and a global pandemic the hospitality industry will go through many changes – which will result in favour of both the hotel guests and the people working at them.