How to meet hotel guests’ demand for safety and cyber security

According to studies, hotel guests have increasing concerns regarding their safety and data security. 65 percent of guests are “highly concerned”.

The risk when holding customer data

According to studies, hotel guests have increasing concerns regarding their safety and data security. 65 percent of guests are “highly concerned”.

Comprehensible, considering hackers more increasingly seem to “check-in to hotel systems. Hotels in particular have great risks when keeping customer data at several locations, including the front desk, restaurants, billing and facilities such as the spa. The used POS system also might have a violation that may affect customers. Holding vast amounts of customer data puts hoteliers and customers at great cyber risks, as hackers might encrypt a hotel’s data system until a ransom is paid.

Marriott Starwood hacking

The incident with the Marriott Starwood hacking displays that hackers now are targeting major hotel chains. Marriott Starwood, the world’s largest hotel chain, was hacked in November last year, and the incident may’ve affected up to 500 million guests.

According to Marriott, for about 327 million of these guests, the information included a combination of name, phone number, email address, account information, mailing address and encrypted payment card numbers. The hotel chain announced that credit card numbers and expiration dates might have been stolen, and the database had information regarding reservations at the hotels from September 2018 and all the way back to 2014.

Hence, when vulnerable customer data is not secured entirely severe violation may take place and sensitive and personal information might fall into the wrong hands, in which may affect thousands, if not millions, of customers. Guests want to feel secure, and having tight cyber security, as well as safe locks, need to be among hotelier’s highest priorities.

The General Data Protection Regulation

In retrospect of the adaptation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which was enforced in May 2018, organizations must follow the guidelines and be GDPR compliant in order to avoid facing heavy fines.

The regulation is designed to harmonize data privacy laws, protect and empower data privacy and reshape the way organizations across Europe approach data privacy. Most hotels, specifically in the EU, have big issues being GDPR complaint. The hotels store card information illegally, in which might result in they getting extensive fines from the government.

In light of this, how can hotels tighten cyber security, be GDPR complaint, and secure overall customer safety?

Adopt mobile device-compatible services  

As most guests carry a smartphone with them at all times, the need for hoteliers to adopt mobile device-compatible services increases. Facil easily solves the security complication by offering hoteliers and end-users a safe mobile device solution.

By adopting innovative lock technology, we help hoteliers to providing guests with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) locks. This solution is integrated within the Facil-app, and it represents the most secure hotel key in the market by using different technologies.

An essential part of the solution is HTTPS, in which differs from standard HTTP by providing secure and confidential data across the entire process through encryption. Regular HTTP, on the other hand, is a busy freeway open to all users. HTTPS is the secured toll road that only allows specific data and users access.

PCI DSS compliance is a complex process for many businesses. Facil solves this problem directly at the end-users phones by using client side tokenization of payment cards. By doing this, the compliance scope is significantly reduced.

Provide your guests with the safest locks

This solution ensures guest rooms have the safest locks available. The Facil app will misplace physical keys and key cards, and as guest constantly carry their smartphones, the risk for losing their keys and room access far lower than the risk for losing an actual key or keycard.

In other words, not only is Facil the most convenient solution in regards to data security, it is also a lot easier for the guest to feel safe as their room access is keyless. Facil assembles everything the guest needs at one platform. All the guests need is their phone. Hotel guests also suggest a preference for mobile keys. Guests using a digital key rate a hotel 7 points higher than keycard users, and 84 percent of guests using a digital key would use it again.

Have customer safety as your value

Mobile keys are the future. Listen to your guests and ensure for their data security and safety. Our vision is to make every hotel experience smart, easy and convenient for our end-users, and have safety as our value.