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Screen from Holo Industries

fácil and Holo Industries sign exclusive distribution contract

Facil announces it has signed with Holo Industries, the manufacturer of Holographic Touch solutions. The holographic products will be used at hotel kiosks for check-in and check-out stations at the hotels fácil cooperates with. They can also be used for other applications at the same hotels, including elevators, restaurants, etc.


Customer Story

As a family driven hotel we have been forced to think outside of the box in the competition against the big chains. The hotel business is under pressure, and so we have to constantly look for new solutions. It’s all about being oriented towards the future and taking part in the development of the field, says Tord Moe Laeskogen, owner of Sundvolden hotel.


Nå kan du bli med på reisen i fácil 

fácil er en tjeneste for folk som ofte er på farten og ønsker en enklere reise. Dette er en viktig grunn til at vi nå går ut til «folket» for å finansiere neste fase og legge grunnlaget for videre vekst for selskapet.


The value of customer loyalty

According to a study conducted by Harvard, hosting returning customers cost less compared to hosting new, first-time guests and customers. The study suggests that “Acquiring a new customer is anywhere from five to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one”.


Be an environmentally aware hotel

With the degree of consumption taking place in hotels, being environmentally friendly progressively becomes a high priority and value for the hotel industry and businesses in general.