Meet our summer interns!

Three interns standing beside eachother in the middle of a street

This summer we have taken in three interns that will be with us for six weeks. This is an exciting opportunity, not just for the interns but for us as well. We have our thoughts and ideas about what we want to do and where we want to be, but having new and fresh minds contribute to that will help us to think outside of the box.

The interns will, over the next couple of weeks, work on new and exciting projects that will enhance our services and products. They will be working with our product- and development teams, where they will develop, design, test and finally present the solutions in front of a panel. The panel will include our corporate management, hotel owners and directors, the management of the Directorate for Public Administration and Financial Management.

The reason why we have taken in these interns is to not only challenge our way of thinking, but to create a positive and educational environment for students. We want to show students that we, as a company, are open to new ideas and always thriving for growth. By inviting the students in to our company we give them responsibility, have a close followup and an open dialog though the whole prosess.

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What are you looking forwards to?

We asked the interns what they are looking forwards to during their internship.

– Being a part of a development prosess from start to finish, and seeing the end result is something I’m very excited about. Also seeing what it is like working as a full time developer for a company. At the end of the summer I will have new knowledge and friendships, which is something I’m looking forwards to as well, says Sigrid Linn.

– I want to learn as much as possible, as well get to know my peers and the company. Being able to see what it’s like in “the real world” to work as a developer and getting that experience is very exciting, David Bendiksen explains.

– I can’t wait to see what it’s like working as a developer and to see how the teams work together, from coming up with ideas to creating a product, Arne Sandrib says.

Any challenges?

– I think there will be more than one challenge, but I’m keeping an open mind and will take each challenge whenever it pops up, David says optimistically.

– Understanding the process and getting to know the systems will be a challenge, but we have a good and close follow up with Arribatec Hospitality so I know they will help us through it, says Sigrid Linn.

– We will be working under a lot of pressure and deadlines, which is both exciting and will be challenging. It’s a big project so knowing where to start will be hard, but the developers at Arribatec Hospitality seem very open and helpful so this is going to be very fun, Arne states.

Why did you apply for an internship at Arribatec Hospitality?

– I have worked in the hotel industry previously and had never heard of a company that develops solutions for hotels. So when I saw them on LinkedIn I got in contact with Bendik and applied for the internship. I think Arribatec Hospitality is rapidly growing, and more and more hotels will see that this is the future of the industry, Sigrid Linn explains.

– I applied for the internship because I wanted more practical experience working as a developer. Arribatec Hospitality posted an ad looking for summer interns on LinkedIn which was a perfect fit for me this summer, says David.

– I have worked a little bit with web-development previously, and wanted to learn more and get even better at it. An internship for six-weeks worked out perfect for me, being a student it’s great being able to work over the summer in a job that will help me get more experience and is relevant to my studies, Arne says.


We are very excited to work with our interns and to see what they will come up with at the end of the summer.

Stay tuned and have a great summer!