Self-service kiosk

The digital way

We develop our services around your needs. Whether you represent a high touch independent hotel or global hotel chain, this next generation kiosk is the ideal solution for all hotels that want to reduce front desk workload and relocate staff to focus on other value-adding tasks. By the same token, your guests will appreciate skipping the lines and 24/7 availability. 

Key features

Custom interface

Select your hotel’s logo and colors to create a personalized and integrated experience in the hotel lobby.

Simple and fast installation

Fácil’s self-service kiosks connects to your existing infrastructure, PMS and door locking system.

Environmentally friendly

Provide guests with digital receipts and information directly to their mobile phone.


Let your guests skip the line and choose to check in contactless. fácil’s self-service kiosk integrates with the hotel’s PMS and lock system in real-time, and works regardless if your hotel has a mix of mobile-enabled locks and other key solutions. 

At check-in the guest can select rooms, pay in advance, print key cards, and receive a receipt.


At departure, the kiosk allows guests to quickly check out, review the hotel bill, and pay for additional room charges. fácil’s self-service kiosk are designed around the guests’ experience to make the process as smooth as possible for everyone. 

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